CASER Members Received Research Award

May 14, 2024

Xin Li, Postdoctoral Fellow of Social Science at CASER, has received an award from the 2023 Overseas Postdoc Special Program. This highly competitive program aims to attract outstanding doctoral degree holders across various world-class disciplines to conduct postdoctoral research in China and to provide substantial support to advance their research endeavors. Xin Li received her PhD from University of California, Los Angeles in 2022. Her research falls within the broad categories of the economics of education and education policy. With three-year support of this program (RMB 900,000 yuan), Dr. Xin Li will conduct research in two main areas: early childhood development and family environment, as well as generative artificial intelligence and higher education. This award reflects CASER’s commitment and dedication to academic excellence, research innovation, and talent cultivation.

Jia Mia, Assistant Professor of Sociology at NYU Shanghai, together with two other CASER faculty affiliates, Lixian Cui (Associate Professor of Psychology, NYU Shanghai), and Sebastian Cherng (The PI, Associate Professor of International Education, New York University, Co-founder of NYU Shanghai College and Career Lab), and Diane Geng (Co-found of NYU Shanghai College and Career Lab), has received an award of $270,000 from the Cyrus Tang Foundation (CTF, 唐仲英基金会) in the United States. With the support from the CTF, the three-year prom aims to provide better support to migrant youth to transit smoothly from Shanghai to parents’ hometown, a totally new living environment and a new studying environment. The new partnership that CASER members are engaged with the CTF demonstrates our commitment to both social science research and community engagement. 

Congratulations to Dr Xin Li and the Dr. Cherng’s Research Team! 

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