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The Center for Applied Social and Economic Research (CASER) at NYU Shanghai is dedicated to fostering methodologically rigorous, multi-disciplinary research on the most pressing issues related to China’s socioeconomic development. CASER convenes scholars from multiple disciplines to conduct research based on quantitative analysis in focus areas such as education, family and gender, inequality and poverty, migration, population aging and health, as well as urban neighborhood and governance issues.


About the Logo

The design of the Center Logo embodies our commitment to conducting localized research that makes a global impact. CASER’s work focuses on the study of social and economic changes and their effects on human welfare. The Triangle, or Delta (Δ), symbolizes the measurement of that change. The double Deltas represent the Yangtze River and the Pearl River Deltas, the two most dynamic regions of China, where our study sites, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen are located. The globes, representing the five continents, signify the global impact of CASER’s research. The Logo is decorated throughout with NYU Purple and stands for the union between NYU Shanghai and NYU’s Global Network.

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