Journal Articles and Book Chapters

List of publications with the contribution of CASER researchers


Xu, Duoduo, Xiaogang Wu. 2021. “From Political Power to Personal Wealth: Privatization and Elite Opportunity in Post-Reform China,” Journal of Contemporary China [in press]

Miao, Jia, Donglin Zeng and Zhilei Shi. In press “Can Neighborhoods Protect Residents from Mental Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence from Wuhan.” Chinese Sociological Review

Bai, Xue, Li Zhonglu, Chen Juan, and Xiaogang Wu 2020. “Socioeconomic Inequalitiesin Mental Distress and Life Satisfaction among Older Chinese Men and Women: TheRole of Family Functioning.” Health & Social Care in the Community 28 (4), 1270-1281.

He, Guangye, Xiaogang Wu 2019. “Foreign Domestic Helpers Hiring and Women’s LaborSupply in Hong Kong.” Chinese Sociological Review 51 (4), 397-420.

Wu, Xiaogang. 2019. “Inequality and Social Stratification inpostsocialist China.” Annual Review of Sociology 45, 363-382.

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