CASER Research Workshop Series


Date: February 24, 2022
Topic: Are Networks Great Equalizers? Social Class, Intergenerational Closure, and Parental Involvement in Elementary Schools
Speaker: Angran Li, Zhejiang University

Date: March 2, 2022
Topic: Human & Data centric approach of Green Spaces in Shanghai
Speaker: Fabien Pfaender, Shanghai University

Date: March 16, 2022
Topic: Analyzing the Effects of Intergenerational Income Mobility: A Copula-Based Approach
Speaker: Anning Hu, Fudan University

Date: March 31, 2022
Topic: How state infiltrates: A network analysis of community participation in Shanghai
Speaker: Felicia F. Tian, Fudan University

Date: April 13, 2022
Topic: Flexible Working Arrangements and Gender Housework Inequality among Heterosexual Couples: Longitudinal Evidence from a Nationally Representative Cohort
Speaker: Senhu Wang, National University of Singapore

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