CASER Symposium & Summer Institutes in celebration of NYU Shanghai 10th anniversary


June 24 to June 25: Symposium on Urban Social Survey and Quantitative Social Science in Celebration of 20th Anniversary of Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS)

The Symposium will aim to share findings from the different social surveys projects, pioneered by the Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS). Launched in 2003, CGSS is the earliest national representative continuous survey project run by academic institutions in China, subsequently followed by many other specialized data collection projects. The symposium will bring together experts and young scholars with common research interests to share insights on the radical transition of Chinese society and change for Chinese behavior and attitude. The symposium will be co-organized with the National Survey Research Center at Renmin University of China and the Joint Urban Survey and Intervention Lab (JUST Lab).

June 26 to July 2: Summer Institute in Computational Social Science – NYU Shanghai

The Computational Social Science pilot summer school is a part of the global network of the Summer Institute in Computational Social Sciences (SICSS). The purpose of the CSS Summer Institute is to bring together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and beginning faculty interested in computational social science. The Summer Institute is for both social scientists (broadly conceived) and data scientists (broadly conceived). NYU Shanghai will be the first site in East China to organize such a workshop Summer Institute in Computational Social Science ( The instructional program will involve lectures, group problem sets, and participant-led research projects. There will also be outside speakers who conduct computational social science research in a variety of settings, such as academia, industry, and government.

July 3-July 31: 2023 Summer School in Applied Social Science Research Methods

The Summer School in Applied Social Science Research Methods is CASER’s signature summer school program held annually and jointly with the Center for Data and Urban Science at Shanghai University. The methods Summer School offers a wide variety of courses in quantitative data analysis and research methods from foundational to the advanced levels. The courses combine lectures with lab tutorial sessions and research seminars delivered by leading experts from universities at home and abroad. The program seeks to foster academic research and careers of the young scholars through systematic training courses and unique networking opportunities.

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