Congratulations | Professor Wu Xiaogang received a Key Program Grant supported by NOPSS

May 24, 2022

Professor Wu Xiaogang has recently received a Key Program Grant supported by China’s National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences. This is NYU Shanghai’s first project awarded by this grant scheme. Wu’s project aims to employ the nation building theory to examine the interaction and changes of local identity and national identity in Hong Kong under “One Country, Two Systems.” By adopting empirical and interdisciplinary perspectives across sociology, political science and social psychology, the three-year project will analyze high-quality, longitudinal household survey data from the Hong Kong Panel Study of Social Dynamics collected in Hong Kong from 2011-2021. The team will use rigorous measures and statistical modeling to provide scientific evidence that uncovers the dynamic process of identity formation and its determinants. This is the third grant Prof. Wu’s research team has received in Academic Year 2021-2022. Previously he has received support from the National Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies and the Institute of Hong Kong and Macau Studies under the State Council, respectively, to study social inequality and youth issues in Hong Kong.

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