Environmental Contexts of Childhood in China


The Population Studies Center at Penn and the Center for Applied Social and Economic Research at NYU Shanghai present: Environmental contexts of childhood in China.

Welcome: Jere Behrman and Emily Hannum, Penn, Fan Wang, Houston, and Xiaogang Wu, NYU and NYU Shanghai.

  • Rising Temperatures, Rising Risks: A Three-Decade Analysis of Children’s Heat Exposure in China (1990-2020), presented by Kai Feng, Penn.
  • Breathing Inequality: Assessing Ambient Air Pollution Exposure Differences among Sociodemographic Groups, with Application to South China, presented by Sukie Yang, Penn.
  • Early Childhood Life-Course Heat Exposures in an Urban Setting: Preliminary Insights from the SEEDS Project, presented by Jia Miao, NYU Shanghai.


Project support from the National Science Foundation (1756738) and event support from the Penn Environmental Innovations Initiative (CECI Seminars) are gratefully acknowledged.  This panel is part of the Penn-NYU Shanghai Workshop on Inequalities and Child Development seminar series.

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