Is the Gender Revolution Stalled in the US? An Update



I will examine change in multiple indicators of gender inequality in the US for the period of 1970 to 2018, including employment, educational attainment, segregation of fields of study, and occupational sex segregation. There has been a dramatic decrease in gender inequality.  However, in recent decades, change has slowed on some indicators and stalled entirely on others. While the talk will focus on the US, I will show a few comparisons with trends in China.

Short Biography

Paula England is Silver Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department of Sociology at NYU New York.  She is also an affiliated faculty member at NYUAD. One branch of England’s research concerns gender inequality at work and at home; she has written on the sex gap in pay, occupational segregation, how couples divide housework, and the wage penalty for motherhood. Her more recent work deals with changing family patterns in the US and how they differ by social class. She studies the higher rates of unintended births among disadvantaged single young adults. She is also studying changes in sexual behavior among youth and young adults. England was President of the American Sociological Association in 2014-2015 and was editor of the American Sociological Review in 1994-1996. In 2018, she was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences.

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