Jia Miao Awarded Junior Eastern Scholar Appointment

October 11, 2021
NYU Shanghai Assistant Professor Faculty Fellow of Sociology, and member of the Center for Applied Social and Economic Research (CASER) at NYU Shanghai was awarded the Junior Eastern Scholar appointment. The Junior Eastern Scholar Award was initiated in 2015 by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, aiming to attract and develop a group of outstanding and high potential young scholars.
Miao’s research centers on how urban life and neighborhoods affect health inequality, productive aging, and subjective well-being in the Asian context. Her current research examines the role of the neighborhood and its physical and social environments in shaping the health and psychological well-being of older populations. She is also interested in the social consequences of homeownership in large Chinese cities. Moreover, Miao has examined the effects of neighborhood and migration experiences on drug abuse and HIV/AIDS risks in urban China.

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