Longer-term Consequences of Parental Migration for Young Adults: An Analysis of Longitudinal Trajectories



This study applies sequence analysis (SA) to capture the longitudinal parental migrant trajectories in Indonesia and the Philippines using data from the Child Health and Migrant Parents in South-East Asia (CHAMPSEA) project. SA was performed to visualize parental migrant trajectories, and typology analysis further identified the patterns of the trajectories. The study is the first to apply SA to the analysis of combined parental migration trajectories and offers insight into the consequences of longer-term parental migrant experiences for children’s health and well-being in Southeast Asia.


Dr. Lucy Jordan is Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration. Dr. Jordan is an applied social scientist trained in social policy and social work. Her research seeks to inform policy and service innovation in response to societal change, vulnerability, and resilience in developing and middle-income countries. One of her primary interests is in migration and development. Dr. Jordan is one of the principal investigators and the quantitative methods lead on the CHAMPSEA study.

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