Professor Xiaogang Wu Awarded "Outstanding Publication for Educational Empirical Research"

April 18, 2023

On April 10, 2023, the awardees of the sixth “Outstanding Publication for Empirical Research on Education (教育实证研究优秀成果奖)” was released. The paper “中国城市劳动力市场中教育匹配的变迁趋势——基于年龄,时期和世代效应的动态分析” published in 《中国社会科学》 (Social Sciences in China) by Professor Xiaogang Wu and his co-author has won this honor.

The award was jointly set up by the Faculty of Education of East China Normal University, the Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, and the National Office for Educational Science Planning, with the aim to improve the level of educational science research and promote empirical research on education in China. Recommended by 65 universities, significant research journals and education research institutes, a total of 239 academic papers and 74 dissertations have participated in the 2023 award competition. After three rounds of expert committee review, 10 academic papers and 10 dissertations have stood out with the highest number of votes. Click to read more.

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