CASER at NYU Shanghai Welcomes Distinguished Visiting Scholar

October 13, 2021

This Fall, NYU Shanghai’s Center for Applied Social and Economic Research is proud to host Stephen Raudenbush from the University of Chicago as its Visiting Scholar in Residence in Academic Year 2021-2022.  

Professor Stephen Raudenbush is the Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Sociology, the College, faculty in the Harris School of Public Policy Studies and Chairman of the Committee on Education at the University of Chicago.  He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the recipient of the American Educational Research Association award for Distinguished Contributions to Educational Research. He is non-NYU faculty affiliate of the CASER.

Professor Raudenbush’s research is interested in analyzing statistical models for child and youth development within social settings such as classrooms, schools, and neighborhoods. He is best known for his work developing hierarchical linear models, with broad applications in the design and analysis of longitudinal and multilevel research. He is currently studying the development of literacy and math skills in early childhood with implications for instruction, in addition to studying methods for assessing school and classroom quality. 

During his one-year residency, Professor Raudenbush will conduct field trips in Shanghai neighborhoods, give talks at CASER research seminars, deliver a keynote speech at the 4th ICSA annual conference in November, advise on research projects that CASER  will launch,  and engage in collaborative research with fellow CASER scholars. We are excited to welcome him into the NYU Shanghai community!

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