CASER Members Published Three Edited Books

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April 29, 2024

CASER members recently published three edited books, two in English by Routledge, and one in Chinese by Shanghai Academy of Social Science Press.

Fertility and Childcare in East Asia: Gender Dynamics and International Support (ISBN 978-1-0326-9629-4), edited by Xiaogang Wu, Muzhi Zhou and Man-Yee Kan, explores recent research on the topics of gender inequalities, intergenerational support, and family in select East Asian societies, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. While East Asian societies have been undergoing rapid economic development over the last three decades, it remains less clear whether gender (couple) relations and families in East Asian societies have also been undergoing transformations. This edited book uncovers dynamic and evolving couple and intergenerational relationships within families in East Asia, together with the persistent impact on time use, housework and childcare. It provides a rich source for understanding gender dynamics, intergenerational relations, and childbearing and rearing in East Asia, at a time when it is expected that families and gender relations in East Asia will continue to evolve with characteristics of both modern gender egalitarian values and traditional family obligations.


Computational Social Science: Application in China Studies (ISBN 978-1-0326-9646-1), edited by Xiaogang Wu, Yongjun Zhang and Tianji Cai, provides an overview of the recent developments in computational social science related to China studies and presents interdisciplinary empirical work from diverse scholars on culture, public opinion, and education using advanced computational methods and big data.The topics covered in this book include the surge of anti-China sentiment amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the nuances of E-governance, public opinion, authoritarian reactions, artistic innovation, and educational inequality. The chapters in this book provide important insights into how computational social science can be applied generally, but also underscore the importance of combining conventional sociological research with contemporary computational methods in the context of China studies.

Bluebook of Chinese Parenting and Child Development (ISBN 978-7-5520-4328-0), co-edited by Xiaogang Wu and Jia Miao, conducts a systematic review of theory and practice in parenting and child development, and analyzes the population census and high-quality survey data to provide comprehensive descriptions of family education investment, division of labor and parents’ participation in childrearing, the impact of different parenting style on children. The bluebook serves as a good reference book not only for researchers in the field of family education and child development, but also for parents and educational practitioners, as well as policy makers.


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